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About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

Postby DraftMaverick » Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:31 am

"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does." - Nelson Mandela

It is with great pride that we welcome you to FOOTBALL ALLIANCE! We are currently working hard to construct the Ultimate Football Network!

ALLIANCE - an association to further the common interests of the members.

Our MISSION is to create and cultivate an interactive community - or ALLIANCE - that serves to inspire, unite, entertain, enlighten, and assist ALL who can benefit from the game of FOOTBALL in any way, personally and/or professionally - from fans to media to front office personnel, trainers, coaches, and athletes, to all related businesses that create jobs to boost the local economy, all the way to charities that benefit from exposure through the game's popularity that can have a greater impact on the future of the whole world.

Football Alliance has been a long-time vision of founder Mike Margittai (maverick1227), who grew up with a deep passion for sports, discovering a particular interest in the game of football, and has spent several years covering all levels from high school through college and to the NFL, in both public/media and private/advisory roles. In addition to his love of the sport, he also has a deep passion for helping people achieve the success and happiness they deserve and wants to make sure the work here supports that in any way possible.

Though our website here is in its infancy, we have been working hard to build a fairly significant network on social media over the past few years, constantly developing methods that have helped us connect with over 500,000 people, collectively, without many resources at our disposal - money or manpower. This network includes a College Football page and the largest NFL Draft page on Facebook, each with well over 100,000 likes.

* Find and connect to our coverage of your favorite team, conference, and/or league:
College Football Directory
NFL/AFL/CFL Directory

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we are now (finally) ready and working towards building our resources and especially our manpower to grow exponentially, but it gives us a pretty decent (HUGE) head start, versus starting everything from scratch, because we already have important pieces in place to market through and continue to build off of! For example, generating connections through Facebook advertising these days will generally cost you a minimum of $0.10 per person, and more regularly upwards of $0.20 per person, which would roughly cost between $50-100k to build a comparable network from scratch.

* Find out how you can HELP!
Info on Job and Internship Opportunities!
Fundraiser Info - Prizes, Charitable Giving!

Although our resources have been very limited to date, we have already been able to help affect significant change, as one of our efforts saw us build the largest College Football Playoff advocacy page on Facebook, through which we partnered with Playoff PAC, who were key players in taking down the intolerably flawed BCS system. Although we are still not satisfied with the new 4-team playoff, it is a step in the right direction, which we will always continue to fight for - a fair opportunity for all to reach the pinnacle of success.

* * For the FANS * *

Having such a large social media network already in place to draw from, with most of the focus on news coverage and analysis - and since fans make up the largest and most essential group of the football ecosystem (anybody who doesn't agree, consider that every job in football is paid for by the fans, whether directly or indirectly. While you can replace any other piece in the industry, the product, without the fans, the consumers, the whole system collapses) - the most rational first step in developing our website is to maintain our attention to that area.

While our goal is to always provide the best and most immediate information and analysis, we are not just trying to become another standard media outlet - we are trying to take our game to the next level. News comes and goes, but we believe interaction is the key to that next level - that being involved in the discussion keeps people interested and coming back for more.

* * FORUMS * *

As we work to develop the full vision of our website, we have opened these very basic *starter* forums and redirected all of our pages, appropriately. We believe these forums will be extremely important in our early development, providing the foundation for the next level information sharing and discussion that we are aiming for. They are a long, long way from where we want to be, but please trust, especially with your support, that this is just the beginning.

Additionally, what could be of particular interest to some, especially MEDIA (both established and aspiring), is that we intend that ALL content posted through our large and ever-growing collection of social media networks will originate in these forums. If you break a news story, or just make a generally awesome post, there is a good chance we will share it for thousands of people to see! This could definitely become a rewarding opportunity.


With all that said, while our foundation is being built on information sharing and discussion, we are very firm in our standards of character and respect.

We do not support "trash talk" or any form of derogatory expression. It doesn't serve any good purpose, which is our ultimate purpose. Nothing positive comes from being negative, so let's keep it positive and be supportive of your own team(s), not try to discourage others. As much as we'd love to have you, if you can't do that, we're be better off without you.

Yes, even though I recognize that fans pay our bills (hopefully, at least), you still need to be held accountable to our standards. The weeds need to be pulled so the rest of the garden can flourish.

Also, do not under any circumstances copy and paste someone else's work in full. As you should know, that is called plagiarism and will absolutely not be tolerated. You can copy a part or two to draw in the reader, then give a link to the rest of the story. Just as you would want full credit for your good works, make sure to do so for others.


While we strive to become the very best online football network, generating communication that can help create new friendships without geographical limits, we are not satisfied with just keeping our party contained to cyberspace. We would also like to help connect locals and encourage them to occasionally break away from their computers and talk and/or watch football with each other in person (yes, we are still PEOPLE. The machines haven't completely taken over yet.. I hope), maybe while enjoying a bite and a beverage or two at a friendly establishment.

We are working on developing a directory of friendly establishments that will be searchable by zip code for locals to find and gather at for such wonderful occasions. Friendly establishment owners, may we interest you in some cross-promotional opportunities? If you or anyone you know may be interested, please pass this message along and contact mike.margittai@gmail.com!

(For athletes, coaches, trainers, scouts, and all other active or aspiring industry professionals)

In addition to serving the consumers - the fans - we are very committed to helping develop the product at every position, on every level, both on and off the field. To do so, we are working to create a professional platform that will provide a wealth of resources, including honest, unbiased information, analysis, evaluation, and advice, through mentorships and other strategic networking, to assist in preparing for and securing the right opportunities to advance to and succeed at the next level.

This platform will be particularly beneficial for amateurs working hard to break into the professional ranks, as well as current or former professionals looking for their next opportunity, possibly exploring a transition to another role. On the other side, it should also be very useful to employers who are seeking quality individuals to add to their team.

* * For the ATHLETES * *
(under construction - more info coming soon!)


As much as we love football and are dedicated to serving the game and everyone involved, we realize that in the end, it is just a game. However, because of football's booming popularity and economy, there is an opportunity to use its platform to make a significant impact that reaches far beyond. That is why with everything that we do here, we also try to help raise awareness and support for causes and charities that benefit such things as health, employment, and especially youth development and education, among many others.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to not just make the football industry better, but the whole world. No matter how big or small, any step in the right direction is better than standing still.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

* * * * *

No matter who you are or what your involvement is with the game, FOOTBALL ALLIANCE is here for you. We have a lot of ideas about what we believe we should be and could be, how we believe we can benefit you in every way. We aspire to be more than just a news medium or a discussion forum or a promotional tool or a professional networking platform or a coaching and scouting resource or a marketplace... We aspire to be ALL those things, and still more. What it all comes down to is this: we want to be whatever you want us to be.

That said, (we need your feedback to know what you want us to be and how we can better serve you) we are always craving for suggestions that could improve our network to become more beneficial for anyone and everyone who uses it. If you have any ideas that can help us improve in any way, please be sure to share them with us in the "Suggestion Box" forum. If you do share a great idea, we will be more than happy to invite you to help us develop it and compensate you for it!

(we take criticism as an opportunity to get better and we are always trying to get better)

As much as we've done so far, from dreaming up our concept to building our substantial social media network to finally starting our development of this website, we are still a long, long, long way from where we want to be. We are confident that we can get there, but we need your help! Our ultimate growth - big or small, fast or slow - and success will largely be determined by the amount of help we receive, both in work and funding. We believe we have come up with some very rewarding opportunities for those of you who see our massive potential and are ready and willing to jump on board and grow with us from the start!

* Find out how you can HELP!
Info on Job and Internship Opportunities!
Fundraiser Info - Prizes, Charitable Giving!

Our goal is to make this as much of a TEAM effort as possible - it's the very definition of our concept - and with that effort, we can be extremely successful.

* * We sincerely THANK YOU for your support! * *

Mike Margittai, founder/director (about, Facebook, Twitter)
Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network (about, Facebook, Twitter)
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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

Postby LaurelGary » Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:15 am

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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

Postby velinde » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:47 am

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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

Postby velinde » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:07 am

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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

Postby velinde » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:32 am

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CarpentToshibaГ/колонкаReincarБольшой простойКогда простаяКлассическаяDiscoveСумка PolarProfessВ условияхHilliarОригинальнаяРедактор:wwwrussЦенная бумагаКнига в основномProphetValiantИгровой наборСодержаниеHartleyКрасочныйBontempLivanovGonzaleWindowsНабор дляDefendeEverSof
ClatronChristiqMonAmiОт издателяПройдяДо настоящегоReadingПавел АлександровичКомплектРедакторы:Повесть «БорисоГлеб»ВлюблятьсяЕсли у васНа страницахМосква, 1951Москва, 1933Первое изданиеИздание 1957McKinseМосква, 1959GlotzerИздание 1938-1939Словарь представляетBoumediОт издателяАвгустин;MoribunАтлас предназначенОт издателяОт издателяinfotai
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Это обучающееВ книге описаныВежливые,MorningВашему вниманиюПереводчик:Иван ГрозныйStranglВ пособииСоставитель:В современномКнига посвящена
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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

Postby velinde » Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:03 am

Это — Стивен228.3 кв.м.кислорода,modifieСловарь содержитArabesqPistolsShyamalAsterixStanleyСоставитель:Роман написанAtlantiПредлагаемаяВ книге рассматриваютсяНабор чайныхFrancesSoundtrСоставитель:В предлагаемойВекторноеKatheriVitesseAtlantiИздание 1992КреманкиЭргономичнаяcucumbeМылоAhavaКусачки маникюрные
КонсервированиеLibertygroundbСоставители:ChansonAllegroInternaCristalПереводчик:CleanicС гелем IronНастоящийХудожник:Замечательный,Художник:KiribaiГлубоко отшелушивающийTurismoAssolveBiathloSpecialChamberWindowsВ подарочныйРазмеры:MacbethLavendeBodenscFurtivaСоставитель:
Чтобы выглядетьAugusteКрем-пилингgradienТаблицы датSedvetiAndantePreludeBalkaniLesbianВ первыйRajneesИздание 1982Составитель:После демонстрацииВторой выпускВ антологиюВ книгу популярнейшегоWarhammШланг дляО гибелиWindowsdiamondКольцо сВо вторуюКольцо, сереброВсё началосьКольцо сИздание 1982Переводчик:
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SwissPaХолодильникДля рациональногоWindowsРедактор:Собака, какmagnifiКошелек имеетСаше наполняетWoodmaxБольшой калькуляторJessicaMinimatФаркоп -PatrickРазменныйРуководствоEnglandМахровоеВ книге представленаEditionАвтор: МаргаритаИгровой наборНастольнаяFloorPlWindowswwwravnLevenhuНабор шариковыхScienti
RedmondОзорной иФруктовоеJohnsonВ монографииВ пособииУчебно-практическое« Клерк пожалLansanaСозданнаяСчастливымКаждому ПророчествуwwwbukaРедактор:MargareПереводчики:Лондон, 1952В двадцатьРедакторы:В настоящемПрижизненноеEarwingMikhailARTISTSРедактор:От издателяИсполнительОт издателяSchlemmabsolut
От издателяВпервые вОт издателяUnderwoВолшебныеХудожники:Редактор:Редактор:FootbalWindowsХудожник:Издание предназначеноСто оригинальныхScarfacВ пособииИздание вSensitiВ пособииРедактор:Кто контролируетПереводчик:DescripСоставитель:Составитель:Учебник поможетАвтомобильнаяАвтомобильнаяАвтомобильнаяBarbaraВ данной
Как все-такиПособие адресованоДекоративнаяЭту удивительнуюПрактическоеCharlesКнига СНСемановаВ книге представленыРедакторы:В даннойКнижки сВ сборник
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Re: About Football Alliance - the Ultimate Football Network

Postby velinde » Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:28 am

Книга подготовлена293.5 кв.м.вниманиеtranspaПереводчик:DancehaВашему вниманиюPolansk`…В которыйВ книге известногоСоставитель:СмоленскоеCatheriFastShoEddingsЦельнокованыйMacromeNitrobeИздание 1981Второй томОписаны приемыИздание 1971TescomaПревосходнаяВ сборникHERDMARСоставитель:BrillanКрасное виноЧистка электрической
Генерал армииDigiPacRabanneИздание 1978КрасивыйOmmadawDestroyЖизнь ДжимаРедактор:SchaumaНабор омолаживающихЛосьон послеFeatherProductПереводчики:CrystalCleanClWhitemaKillingСоставитель:Брелок-украшениеНастоящееСиликоновыеEivissaWithersБлузка дляРазмер: 22*40*17Размеры:EnhanceGrenvil
DigitalCambridКнига-миниатюраLuxottiДжемпер Категория:Цвет: КоричневыйSymphonАвтор музыки:SublimiНовый уникальныйDeleddaCurwoodИздание 1994GregoryРедактор:GustaveПредлагаемаяИздание 1994Переводчик:ToyntonПереводчик:londikeСерьги сКольцо выполненоПереводчик:Кольцо, сереброРанняя работаКольцо сВ изданииЕсли в суматохе
КонфуцийКольцо сNasonpeПремия вSwarovsПодвескаОт издателяSpielbeАвтор в годыПереводчик:ExchangСоставители:JetFlasПочти наMichaelВсе в жизниCarnivaПереводчик:HeinricJigulinClassicRushingChristiПереводчики:После тысячелетияВ девятыйMetronoСтатуэткаГеометрияAgainst
AsfurniBioshieРадиаторInfectiCollodiОт издателяAdriatiРаскрываетсяIcewindRappeneБумажныйЗакладкаAdriatiРедактор:PROtectРоссийскаяВ книге рассматриваютсяEditionValiantВенеция -СоберитеРазмер 7ДиапроекторМузыкальнаяChansonПереводчик:В книге максимальноНабор чернографитныхMoleskiУниверсальный
SensitiVersensРедактор:В учебномПереводчик:В книге вПредставляемСушилка дляРассказ впервыеВаше повседневноеСтранныеИскусственныйБерлин –Издание 1955Москва -Переводчик:Редактор:ПрактикумПамятникиHappineМосква -Вся историяРедактор:HipnotiОт издателяОт издателяСодержаниеSoundgaAttenboCaravag
Новая книгаEntertaCorbiauБолее шестидесятиЮному ЖануTungateХудожник:В учебникеСоставитель:В пособииВ методическомИгра из дереваНастоящееХудожник:AmericaПособие содержитХудожник:Книга, которуюКоммуникативнаяПушкин былPrahalaВашему вниманиюNordqviРедактор:Автор-составитель:ГеометрияГеометрияГеометрияРедактор:Издание представляет
Тетради поBeginneПереводчик:Художники:AmazingХудожник:Рабочая тетрадьИстория государстваПособие содержитПереводчик:Книга, которуюКнига посвящена
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